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Export-Import Olszewski Paweł

Purchase and Sale of Feathers and Down

Export-Import Olszewski Paweł


goose feathers A1 25% to 36% down content,
white duck feathers, from slaughter, 15% to 20% down content,
grey duck feathers, from slaughter, 15% to 20% down content,


goose down A1 75% to 90% down content,
white duck down, from slaughter, 75% to 90 % down content,
grey duck down, from slaughter, 75% to 90 % down content


We have opened a new feather and down washing line consisting of a modern gas-fired boiler, dryer and water filtration system. Such machinery and systems allow us to be environmentally friendly.

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About us

Skup Sprzedaż Pierza i Puchu Export-Import Olszewski Paweł was established in 1996 by Paweł Olszewski out of a love for feathers. We've come a long way from a tiny home-based plant to where we are now. We have two branches in Wielkopolskie Voivodship in central Poland – one in Władzimirów and the other in Kazimierz Biskupi. We're committed to continuous development and that's why we believe that this is only the beginning of our journey.

We purchase, process, treat and resell feathers and down, both washed and post mortem. Our range includes various types and qualities of goose and duck feathers and down. The feathers and down we sell come mainly from Polish slaughterhouses. Their quality and parameters are recognised all over the world.

We can prepare and deliver any kind of feathers and down depending on individual needs, specifications and required quality. We're open to permanent cooperation within the scope of supplying appropriate goods to markets all over the world. The goods we sell come directly from Polish slaughterhouses.

Our priority is to provide the best-possible quality of feathers and down, which are each time meticulously and thoroughly tested in our IDFL-certified laboratory. We're also certified according to DOWNPASS 2017 and RDS standards.

The excellence of our contract implementation is guaranteed by the qualified staff in the department of quality control and ordered goods preparation. As a company, we value timeliness, delivery of goods within agreed parameters, loyalty to our customers and compliance with the terms of one-time and long-term contracts. We also use independent European and worldwide laboratories to confirm the results of our own analyses and research. We focus on development, so that our products meet the expectations and standards of our customers.

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Our offices, staff rooms, halls and warehouses are designed and equipped in such a way as to make our employees feel at home. Our goals are the highest standard of working conditions and professionalism.

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Skup Sprzedaż Pierza i Puchu
Export-Import Olszewski Paweł
NIP: 6651791661

tel./fax +48 63 246 32 18
kom.  +48 601 285 865


Sadowa 8a, 62-530 Władzimirów, województwo: wielkopolskie
powiat: koniński

KWB Biurowiec 10, 62-530 Kazimierz Biskupi, województwo: wielkopolskie
powiat: koniński

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